Territorial io

Expand your territory and erase other players from the map.

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Territorial io : About The Game

Territorial io

Territorial io is in fact one of the best strategy games I have played and I will tell you why. Despite the fact that the game has a pretty poor graphics, the gameplay as well as the modes are just awesome. For those who have never played this game before I would like to give a small review. It is a very addictive strategy game where you play against real people who control some terrtitory. Your mission is to conquer your neighbours or be erased from the world map. Keep in mind that the game is available in both single player and multiplayer modes, so if you are playing it for the first time I would recommend starting with the single player mode. At the beginning of the game player choose his starting location on the map and then start expanding his territory. The bigger your territory is, the more powerful you are so you can easily attack other players who are smaller than you. The game also have the clans system so you can make a team with your friends and play this game together. Some people find it difficult to understand the basic rules of the game and the meaning of different bars, so just continue reading to understand all features.

How To Play Territorial Io

The game controls are pretty simple - you click your neighbour and then choose the preferred action - attack him or ask for friendship. Keep in mind that in the end you will still have to attack your neighbours so choose the most right moment and then strike him. Many people does not understand the meaning of two major numbers of this game :The Balance and The Percentage Bar, so I will try to give you some tips about both of them.

The Balance : The higher balance is, the stronger your defense against enemy attacks and the higher your interest income is. Keep in mind that the balance depends on the territory you have to getting new territory is very important to keep it growing.

The Percentage Bar - this bars is used to set the number of units you use for single attack. The rule is simple : the higher number of attack units is used, the more chances to destroy the enemy and capture his territory. But keep in mind that when you use all your units in attack, the defense is getting weak so other enemy can easily strike you and conquer your territory. The best strategy is to use up to 30% of your units in attacks.

Territorial.io Strategies

Even though that every player has it's own winning strategy, I would like to give you the basic ones which can be used to achieve success. Remember that playing against computer and fighting against real players is absolutely different, so some options may be better for single player mode only.

- Start By Playing Single Player Mode : In fact thats for mastering your skills and understading how everything works in this game.
- Try Different Maps : there are a lot of different maps in this game, including island maps. Try to understand which strategy is better for the selected area and make it your main weapon when you join the server with real people.
- Pick Coastal Territories : they are more simple to defend against enemies and at the same time there is plenty of space to grow bigger.
- Real Players On My Focus : In fact, thats my strategy for the multiplayer mode. You should keep your eye on the real players, not the bots.
- Join Attacks : When you notice that your neighbour is under attack, you should join the attack so you can easily conquer new territory, that's the primary rule of the game. Never give time for your neighbours to become stronger.

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